Professional Treehouse Builders

We are not suggesting that you need a professional treehouse builder. Most treehouses are built on a whim by the people who use them, rather than by people who hire a builder. But it is important to be able to admit when you need help to build a treehouse. Have you studied how to attach structures to trees without doing excessive damage? Do you have sufficient carpentry skills and tools (or a friend who does)? Do you have the time to build a treehouse yourself? Below are all of the professional treehouse builders we have found who make tree-supported treehouses at least some of the time.

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La Cabane-Perchee
Vivre Perche
The Treehouse People
Casitas En Arboles - Eduardo Gomez is living his dream: professionally building tree houses based in northern Spain.
United Kingdom
Blue Forest
Treehouse Life
Marc Homs
High Life Treehouses
Treetops Treehouses
Wild Wood Treehouses
Cheeky Monkey Tree Houses
United States
Northeast Treehouse - Ken & Diane King, based in Massachusetts but will travel.
Azzan Arts - Texas Treehouse Builder, specializing in carvings, rare materials, and fancy kids tree houses.
Tree Top Builders - Tree houses that are safe, tree friendly, and custom made by arborist/craftman Dan Wright & crew.
Austin Treehouses, Etc.
Up And Away Treehouses
Romero Studios
Living Tree
The Treehouse Guys, LLC.
Peacemaker Treehouses
Barbara Butler
Fine Treehouse Building
Elevated Living

***If you are a professional treehouse builder and you want to be listed or make corrections to your listing, please email your information to me and I'll add you to the list no problem. I want all treehouse builders listed correctly as long as they actually build treehouses or platforms supported by living trees. Please email me a brief description of your company and I will add it to the treehouse builder listing.***